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Sometimes in life, bad things happen to good people — death and divorce among them. Some of these noteworthy WordPress websites and WordPress blogs are no longer live, but are worth remembering.

Nuts in New YorkNuts in NY wanted a graphically striking WordPress blog that would really stand out from the competition. Traffic is high and, less than a month after we began optimizing the blog, its Alexa page rank went from an abysmal 22 million to a very respectable 432,631.

Blog owner David Donnell wrote: “I couldn’t be happier having had Cathy at Pajamadeen help develop my website, and teach me about blogging. She’s been a great hand-holder throughout the development phase — my site’s development and my own!

“Prior to coming up with the Nuts in NY concept, I knew nothing about blogging. I had read a few political blogs—nothing like my site—but I hadn’t given a moment’s thought as to how one sets up or maintains a blog. But Cathy demystified the process and deciphered issues which at first made me anxious; I anticipated it all being far more overwhelming than she made it.

“As sappy as it sounds, there are times now when I’m writing a post or doing some work on my blog when I get a giddy feeling that I want to drop everything and THANK Cathy! (But I get ahold of myself and get back to work.)”

NYC Rhymology

After we developed linguist David Donnell’s Nuts in New York blog (seen above), he returned to us with his latest endeavor, NYC Rhymology. It features an edgy, image-oriented theme and a witty rhyming beat appropriate to the city that never sleeps.


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Chicago Dining Guide

Over the years, Chicago foodie Laura Hansen developed a great guide to Chicago area restaurants. She also sourced ethnic cooking ingredients tucked away in small groceries throughout the Windy City and greater Chicago-land. We maintained this WordPress blog for her, including all WordPress upgrades, backups and code tweaks, until her March 2010 untimely death. The site has since been sold. We’ll miss Laura.

Laura Hansen Art Gallery

The multi-talented Laura also was a painter, and this WordPress website which we maintained showed her bold graphics, sense of design and aesthetically pleasing color combinations to best advantage. This site has closed.


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No matter where you live, we can provide everything from basic WordPress installs to custom designs. Just ask us!

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